Sunset on Strange Shores

Three previously unpublished photos from a sunset outing to the tide pool area of La Jolla’s Hospital Point in October 2014. The shapes of the bedrock with its concretions are certainly on the weird end of the spectrum, and I continue to keep finding new and interesting shapes, as well as different angles to yet familiar ones there. Certainly a nice (and popular) photographer’s playground.

Exposure times for these images range between 1.3 (first image) and 10 seconds (third image). I find that quite interesting  about photographing water: even hard spray, rough seas, waterfalls and creeks hopping over bolders and squeezing through narrow canyons, they all somehow look “smooth” to our human eye because of the constant motion. When the camera freezes one such moment in time with a short shutter speed however, it becomes a nervous busy mess.

An exposure time of one second is probably my “personal limit” that is required to render the water at least a little bit soft and transform it to – at least in my opinion – a more accurate representation of its state.

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