Amargosa River Wetlands

Lots of nice intersecting triangular shapes in the landscape and mountains around the Amargosa River wetlands, Shoshone, California; February 2022.

During our stay in Shoshone for our 2nd Death Valley Trip, at the end of February, we took a walk at the Amargosa River wetlands area. Now one has to consider the general desert environment to set the right expectations and not jump to immediate conclusions when thinking of “wetlands” here. :) If I’d apply my old German standards for the word “river” and “wetland”, this body of water would barely qualify as a small creek! :)

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The Landscape As Abstract

Painterly lines and circles on Badwater Basin, from with the alluvial fans of the Panamint Range and an edge of the Black Mountains. Seen from Dante's View, Death Valley National Park, California; February 2022.

In my first post from our 2022 Death Valley Trip, I mentioned how at Death Valley, the landscape itself is the abstract. I found the best way to represent this was with the photos that I made from up high, at Dante’s View and Dante Peak*. A couple other locations and the views they offered allowed for similar “abstractions”.

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