Alpenglow (Diptych)

Alpenglow on Loferer Steinberge, seen from Durchkaseralm/Steinplatte near Waidring, Tyrol, Austria. November 2008.

A diptych of Alpenglow on the Loferer Steinberge range in Austria. I just stumbled over this old, old set of images. They’re from November 2008, which was my second year “into” photography with a DSLR (and my second camera body already, the unique Fuji Finepix S5pro* – too bad Fuji stopped making DSLRs based on Nikon bodies!).

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Huckinger See Twilight (Forest & Shrooms)

Tall trees and forest pond at dusk, Huckinger See, Tarsdorf, Innviertel, Austria.

A few impressions from a twilight walk in the woods around the Huckinger lakes in Austria.

This is an archive post, added to the site in December 2018, and dated back to September 2010, when I actually made the photos. “Ents” has been online as part of my “Huckinger Seen” portfolio for a very long time. Fine art prints of Huckinger See are available in my print-on-demand store (if you wish to have a photo as print that is missing in the store, please contact me).

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Cornflowers (5 photos)

Cornflowers -- Austria

Cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus) are the prettiest heralds of summer – their intensely blue colored ray florets reflect a lot of ultraviolet light and are easily notable and highly attractive in fields of young grains like wheat, barley, rye or oat. Each cornflower is a bouquet! They have a ring of ray florets surrounding a central cluster of disc florets.

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Into Green – Huckinger See (10 photos)

Huckinger See and the tree that is falling in slow motion in spring, May 2010.

Visiting Huckinger See (Hucking Lakes) after a rainfall, late in May. It’s quiet, the birds are still hiding, the only sound is the dripping of water when the wind moves the branches and they gently shake off the rain onto the forest floor and into the little moory ponds.

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Entenlochklamm & Klobenstein (10 photos)

Stairs to the Klobenstein Chapel, Kössen, Tyrol, Austria. May 2010.

Between Ettenhausen in Bavaria (Germany) and Kössen in Tyrol (Austria), the “Tiroler Ache” river found its way through through vertically rising layers of rocks. One particularly interesting area are the narrows at “Entenlochklamm”, where the steep rocky walls rise on both sides of the river.

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