Alpenglow (Diptych)

Alpenglow on Loferer Steinberge, seen from Durchkaseralm/Steinplatte near Waidring, Tyrol, Austria. November 2008.

A diptych of Alpenglow on the Loferer Steinberge range in Austria. I just stumbled over this old, old set of images. They’re from November 2008, which was my second year “into” photography with a DSLR (and my second camera body already, the unique Fuji Finepix S5pro* – too bad Fuji stopped making DSLRs based on Nikon bodies!).

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Huckinger See Twilight (Forest & Shrooms)

Tall trees and forest pond at dusk, Huckinger See, Austria; September 2010.

A few impressions from a twilight walk in the woods around the Huckinger lakes in Austria.

This is an archive post, added to the site in December 2018, and dated back to September 2010, when I actually made the photos. “Ents” has been online as part of my “Huckinger Seen” portfolio for a very long time. Fine art prints of Huckinger See are available in my print-on-demand store (if you wish to have a photo as print that is missing in the store, please contact me).

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Blue cornflowers in barley field, Innviertel, Austria

Cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus) are the prettiest heralds of summer – their intensely blue colored ray florets reflect a lot of ultraviolet light and are easily notable and highly attractive in fields of young grains like wheat, barley, rye or oat. Each cornflower is a bouquet! They have a ring of ray florets surrounding a central cluster of disc florets.

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