Photographs as Interpretations

"The Forest for the Trees" — beech forest in summer, Wanghausen, Austria, August 2010.

Just like many others who practice photography as passion and with an artistic intent and mindset, I too do have occasional “flare ups” of doubt, questioning myself and what exactly it is that I’m doing and producing with my camera. These questions are usually best resolved on some trail for me, where my mind can wander while I immerse myself in nature and photographic meditation.

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Pieces Falling Into Place

Big blocks of rock in desert canyon, Coyote Mountain Wilderness, California. January 2022.

Yes indeed, it has been quiet here for a little while. The reason is that I finally decided to make a decision* 😁 about my photo archive — you may remember what I wrote about the inadequacies of WordPress to serve as such, a while ago, and my quest to find a suitable service to host this photo archive, relieving me from this mess in WordPress.

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The Impossible Photographs

Autumnal Poison-oak with Sycamore leaves, Rancho Bernardo, California; September 2021.

Here are some Southern California fall colors. :) This photo is from one of those “let’s not bring the camera” walks — on which one quite reliably finds something that looks interesting, of course! But we all have a camera with us nowadays all the time of course, and thanks to Lightroom Mobile, it’s possible to capture the raw sensor data too*.

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