Variations of a Sunken Tidepool at Dawn

Sunken tide pools of Tabletop Reef before sunrise, Solana Beach, California. Early September, 2019.

Winter storms wash out the sand from our shores and carry it away; summer swells and currents bring it back and bury coastal features under it. One might say that the sand moves in and out like the tide – just much, much slower. The tide pools of Tabletop Reef in Solana Beach are no different and at this time of the year, only the topmost part of the rock structure that I’ve been photographing so many times over the years is sticking out of the sand.

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Surf & Pebbles (Triptych)

Close-up of surf and pebbles at South Cardiff State Beach, Solana Beach, California. November 2016.

Leftovers from a morning visit to Tabletop Reef. The tide was high and waves were pounding the tide pools like I had not seen it before. I couldn’t even get close to where I normally make photos (well, at least not without getting a severe soaking – cameras and salt water don’t mix too well so I didn’t try).

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Another Sunset at Tabletop Reef

Sunset at the tide pools of Tabletop Reef, South Cardiff State Beach, Solana Beach, California, January 2017.

Storms are drenching San Diego County and Southern California with much needed moisture. The first of them has just passed through and the only place to go for a walk is really the beach, because all trails are muddy and slippery, or closed entirely (to prevent further damage when people walk into vegetation to get around large puddles, etc.).

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Long Exposures at Tabletop Reef

Long exposure photo of the tide pools at Tabletop Reef, Solana Beach, California

I’m close to finishing the culling/editing and processing of my photos from December (three days with photo activities left). Here are two photos from a morning outing to the familiar tide pools at Tabletop Reef.

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Tabletop Reef in Infrared (6 photos)

The tide pools of Tabletop Reef in infrared false color, at Seaside State Beach, Solana Beach, California

A visit to the tide pools of Tabletop Reef at Seaside State Beach (South Cardiff State Beach) was mandatory of course, when I had Shannon Johnson‘s infrared-converted Sony A7r to play with. :-) If you’re not a regular follower of my blog and photography – this is the coastal area that I photograph most often by far, as I often go there for walks with Toni and bring the camera*.

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Patterns and Things in Sand

Cascade - Patterns in the sand after high tide. Seaside State Beach, Solana Beach, California. May 2016.

During my morning walk with Toni, I made some detail photos of “patterns and things” in the sand – as I often do. It’s nice when there was a good high tide during the night and very early morning. The beaches will be washed clean, and mostly free of footprints, if you’re out early enough.

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