Video: Softening Overexposed Sun in Clouds

Here’s the lastest “Lightroom Short”, showing just a single technique: using negative Dehaze to soften highlights and overexposed areas selectively, giving them a bit of a glow effect. The video has been on my YouTube channel for a week already, and I sent out an email about it too, but forgot to mention it here on the blog! Duh! (and apologies if this is a “duplicate notifcation” for you.)

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Big Surf at High Tide in La Jolla

Wild wave action after winter storm, La Jolla Cove, California; January 2023.

You may have heard and seen the news about an (ongoing) series of storms that continue to pound California. Here in San Diego, we have been lucky: we got the beneficial rains, which felt not out of the ordinary for our wet season, and have been spared the heavy rain and incredible winds that caused much damage and even deaths in Northern California.

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Mid-Autumn Dawn at Hospital Point

Tide pools at Hospital Point and mid-autumn moon in morning twilight, La Jolla, California; September 2022.

With remnants of tropical storm Kay still being “active” in our area, I decided to switch our photo club’s monthly activity and we went to the tide pools of Hospital Point in La Jolla, Sunday morning*. I was hoping that Kay’s clouds would take on nice color at sunrise, but unfortunately, that plan was spoiled by smoke, which had drifted out over the ocean from the Fairview fire, which was burning near Hemet, in Riverside County.

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