New Dunes

Silky sand at Algodones Dunes; September 2015.

I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing the photos from my September 2015 visit to Algodones Dunes – this was long, long overdue of course. I had cherry-picked a photo of the month and some other images for previous blog posts (Life in the Dunes, Crème, Vertical Dunes) from that day, but shame on me, I never applying my own system that I teach in my Lightroom workshop – making easy, definite decisions of picking and rating images, to stay on top of the processing backlog. That’s done now, and in the process I removed over 60 images, freeing up some 2.5GB of disk space too.

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Desert Night at Algodones Dunes

Algodones Dunes, moon and thunderhead, near Glamis, California; August 2016.

After I made my photo of the month for August at Pinyon Point in the Laguna Mountains, Tracy and I continued into the desert. It was a bit silly since we knew the moon would rise early and limit the possibility to photograph the night sky severely, but when two guys who are nuts about photography are together and share one car, there’s no stopping – and so we drove out all the way to Algodones Dunes.

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