Home is Here

Watzmann in morning light, with a first dusting of snow, seen from Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany; October 2019.

Yes, I’m still here! But I’ve also been away for a bit – which explains the recent silence on this weblog: I was visiting Germany for a 30-year school reunion. Needless to say, I combined the trip with visiting family, friends, and favorite places that I wanted to see and photograph again.

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Kneiffelspitze, Berchtesgaden

Watzmann in clouds and with first snow, with Grünstein in the foreground; seen from Kneiffelspitze, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany, October 2019.

For the sake of completeness, here’s a “single B-side” from my Germany trip in 2019. After hiking back down into the valley from Reiter Alpe through the first snow of the season and dropping off Simon and Florian at their car, I continued to Berchtesgaden, where I had booked a room at a hotel for two nights – and I was definitely looking forward to a hot shower!

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