I’m applying this tag to blog posts that contain some information about the hike during which I made the photos. Sometimes it may just be a sparse bit of knowledge, other times it may be more extensive. Either way, if I think it’s useful, it gets tagged accordingly. :-)

The Y-Files

I spent Sunday through Thursday hiking in Yosemite National Park’s high country and the Eastern Sierra (well, and driving to and from, which takes 6-7 hours). Just like in 2015, I made a motel in Lee Vining my home base, and headed out for day hikes from there. The Tioga Pass entrance to Yosemite National Park is only 12 miles from Lee Vining – very convenient to be on the trails early enough after sleeping in a warm bed, and even more coming back in the evening, going home to a hot shower and then a warm hearty meal at one of the nearby restaurants. :-) Continue reading

West Side Road

West Side “Road” is a hiking trail on Cleveland National Forest land that starts at the very end of the San Diego Country Estates area near Ramona. It’s very close to the super-popular Cedar Creek Falls trailhead – and receives very little attention. Continue reading

Bernardo Mountain (5 photos)

Bernardo Mountain is one of these local hikes that I should have done ages ago I guess – but never did. With the close vicinity of I-15, the most serene spot is the canyon of Felicita Creek, but otherwise the freeway noise is a permanent companion on this hike. Close to the populated areas of Rancho Bernardo and Escondido, it is also a very popular hike for the locals – for someone like me who seeks quiet and solitude in nature when hiking, it’s just not that appealing. Continue reading

Penasquitos Canyon from Camino Ruiz (6 photos)

There are many access points to Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. The one that I use the least because it’s much further for me to get there is at the northern end of Camino Ruiz, on the southern side of the canyon. When I dropped off Shuwen at a friend’s in the morning I was almost there already, and so began my morning walk with Toni using this approach for a change. The trail descends into the canyon some 200 feet and that’s a most lovely section – an Elfin forest, composed of old-growth gnarly Shrub Oaks, mostly. Continue reading

Returning to 20 Lakes Basin (3 photos)

Shuwen and I both had fond memories of 20 Lakes Basin and the beautiful and diverse scenery. We hiked the area in 2012, during our first Sierra trip, in Summer. Every afternoon we had thunderstorms then (thus, little Toni did not have fond memories of the hike;-). This year we finally returned to do the hike again. We didn’t get rained out, but it was surprisingly warm, considering the elevation and time of year. Continue reading

Laguna Mountains: Rainer Hike (13 photos)

Early in May on a wonderful cool and quite windy day, I hiked one of the “classic” loop hikes up at the Laguna Mountains, which was first introduced to me by my friend Hans. It begins near the Horse Heaven Campground at Sunrise Highway, touches the eastern portion of the Laguna Meadows and continues into the Agua Dulce ravine briefly, but then follows the Pacific Crest Trail back to Sunrise Highway, which it crosses, before continuing northbound on the Pacific Crest Trail for a while, with an option to include Monument Peak (which we did). Continue reading

Whale Peak (10 photos)

If anyone would ask me, I’d say that Whale Peak is definitely one of the must-do hikes in Anza Borrego Desert State Park – even though we had to do the extra four miles walking on the relatively boring dirt road, for lack of a sturdy 4WD vehicle. And after the cellphone panorama that I posted only a day after the hike, I finally managed to process my other photos from the hike. On the 100 Peaks list, this is peak number 34. Continue reading

Granite Mountain (19 photos)

Granite Mountain has long been on my list of hikes to do – it’s a very prominent peak, visible from Sunrise Highway up at Laguna Mountains, when coming down Banner Grade (Highway 78) from Julian, and along Highway S-2 in Earthquake Valley of course. It’s a desert peak, but very much at the boundary so, very close to the Pacific Crest and Laguna Mountains too. On the 100 Peaks List of the Sierra Club’s San Diego chapter, this is peak number 38. Continue reading