Mid-Autumn Dawn at Hospital Point

Tide pools at Hospital Point and mid-autumn moon in morning twilight, La Jolla, California; September 2022.

With remnants of tropical storm Kay still being “active” in our area, I decided to switch our photo club’s monthly activity and we went to the tide pools of Hospital Point in La Jolla, Sunday morning*. I was hoping that Kay’s clouds would take on nice color at sunrise, but unfortunately, that plan was spoiled by smoke, which had drifted out over the ocean from the Fairview fire, which was burning near Hemet, in Riverside County.

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La Jolla Morning / Routine

Twilight at the tide pools of Hospital Point; La Jolla, California, October 2019.

Last Saturday I led our monthly photo club activity – a dawn visit to the tide pools at Hospital Point in La Jolla. The night was clear inland, so I hoped that the immediate coast would either be shrouded in dense fog from a shallow marine layer, or that it would be entirely clear, for the beautiful pastel colors of twilight.

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Always Hospital Point

Algae-cover rocks at Hospital Point. The shape of the tilted rock reminded me of an Ocarina (a vessel flute). Hospital Point, California, January 2017.

On a recent evening visit to Hospital Point during low tide I was quite intrigued by the colorful and fine details in the tide pools. Photographing them the way I wanted would’ve been possible with my wide-angle tilt-shift lens actually, which focuses really, really close and allows better depth of field control with the tilting mechanism. The only problem was that I didn’t have that lens with me. :-)

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Long Exposures at Hospital Point

Sunday morning I met with Tracy to photograph the tide pools at La Jolla’s Hospital Point/Nicholson Point. It was a nice and cool, overcast morning with a dense marine layer. I hadn’t done any “real” long exposure work in a while and after doing my usual test exposure routine (described here: Working with Long Exposures) I ended up with four minute long exposures that worked quite well throughout most of the morning.

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