Starry Night at Laguna Meadows

The silhouette of an old Black Oak on a knoll against the starry night sky, Laguna Meadows, San Diego County, California; April 2017.

Santa Ana weather is pretty annoying if you ask me – clear blue skies and hot, dry winds. Not exactly any photographer’s favorite I guess, but at night the winds die down, temperatures drop, and the dry air brings exceptionally clear skies that are pretty good for night time photography.

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Evening at Mono Lake

Shipwreck Tufa under stars, Mono Lake, California; September 2016.

We ended the second day of Eastern Sierra trip at Mono Lake. We began the day with a morning walk to McLeod Lake, but I didn’t feel compelled to make any landscape photos there (Shuwen has some nice photos). We had lunch at the apartment in Mammoth, and then drove to June Lake. Shuwen wanted to explore a trail there. When we arrived, I realized that I had left my camera bag in the apartment. Glorious!

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Mount Hoffmann (color)

View of Cathedral Peak and Cockscomb Peak from Mount Hoffmann, Yosemite National Park, California; September 2015.

Here are a few additional photos from my Mount Hoffmann hike in Yosemite National Park (see previous post) – the animals were just too cute to not show them. The other photos are still interesting enough to include them here (I think;-) but just didn’t fit into the black & white gallery, so here they are.

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