Middle Basin Morning

A sliver of warm morning sunlight falls onto the vast expansive of Middle Basin, with an ephemarl rivulet winding through the coarse desert landscape. Interesting cloud shapes hang over the snow-covered peaks of the Panamint Range. Death Valley National Park, California; January 2023.

After the sunrise at Zabriskie Point we went on to hike Desolation Canyon, which is just a short distance away. As mentioned in the previous post, clouds began to move in quickly. We drove down from Zabriskie Point, made our left turn from CA-190 onto Badwater Road, and wow! A beautiful stripe of warm morning light illuminated the landscape.

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Fossil Canyon Impressions

Fresh green annuals, hardy shrubs and a Velvet Mallow (Horsfordia newberryii) in a bed of rocks, contained by the sandstone walls of Fossil Canyon, Coyote Mountains Wilderness, California; December 2022.

It’s always a struggle to also do the documentary aspects of photography justice, or perhaps trying to balance honest images with photographic twilight dreamscapes isn’t really possible anyway. My recent desert landscape photos, my ode to clear skies and the reflected twilight glow, the intimate little details in soft and even light, flower and plant close-ups shaded with a diffuser… they are a bit misleading.

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