What Was This Exercise Good For?

Detail in a bedroom: night lamp, headboard and mosquito net canopy; Arillas, Corfu, Greece, October 2007.

You might wonder: why on Earth would he go back and review his photos from 2007? And yes indeed, maybe I’m just too full of myself… but that’s just one aspect. 😜 The other is that I simply can’t rest until I know that I looked, really looked at all those photos, and thoroughly evaluated them. And I can do that for my photos from 2007 now: rest. I’m done with them, it’s over, finished.

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Channel Islands

Calm evening sea while anchored at Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park, California; May 2018.

Shuwen and I returned Tuesday night from a three-day “Channel Islands Hopping” cruise trip with the Sierra Club. We still feel a bit wobbly after bouncing around on the ocean for almost 4 days on a 68-foot boat, but it was great fun, with great fellow travelers and a wonderful crew. Each day was filled with a different activity and with many different impressions.

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Bad Cloud Karma

Fluffy clouds and gentle ripples on the sand at South Cardiff State Beach, California; February 2015.

Landscape and nature photography is a lot about being in the right place at the right time (and then doing the right thing, ie. knowing how to compose an image and how to operate the camera to get that image). Sometimes, things start promising, like on the afternoon when I took Toni for a walk at our usual beach between Solana Beach and Cardiff By The Sea.

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