Mobile Art

I enjoy making photos with my phone and giving them a quirky retro aged hipsta whatever look. :) This archive contains a small number of posts with images that I like enough to show them here. If you like cellphone images, feel free to follow me on Instagram, I’m @alexskunz.

Other Sides

It’s unavoidable – any photographer’s eye and curiosity is attracted to things and subjects outside of the primary scope or topic/subject one aims to cover photographically. I used to post monthly collections of such images to my personal blog in the past (and they’re mostly cellphone images too) but with cellphone photos becoming more “serious” thanks to raw data and Lightroom Mobile, I think the results may very well appear here on my photo website from now on. Continue reading

Cellphone Leftovers (4 photos)

I think I’ve mentioned my excitement :-) about being able to capture raw data with the iPhone enough now, so it’s probably no surprise that, as I’m going through my cellphone photos from December, I’m finding some that I consider worth adding to my website. At this point, I can honestly say that for me, the iPhone 7 Plus is a game changer. Continue reading

Iced Oak Trees (4 photos)

We’ve spent our Christmas Day in San Diego’s mountains. A nice winter storm system had brought good rain in the two nights prior – and snow at higher elevations. And when Southern California gets snow at elevations that are more accessible to the general public, everyone’s out and about to experience a brief moment of real winter. Continue reading

Bernardo Mountain (5 photos)

Bernardo Mountain is one of these local hikes that I should have done ages ago I guess – but never did. With the close vicinity of I-15, the most serene spot is the canyon of Felicita Creek, but otherwise the freeway noise is a permanent companion on this hike. Close to the populated areas of Rancho Bernardo and Escondido, it is also a very popular hike for the locals – for someone like me who seeks quiet and solitude in nature when hiking, it’s just not that appealing. Continue reading

The Jack Creek Meadow Titan (3 photos)

On a hike with Scott Turner at Daley Ranch yesterday, we came by this old favorite oak of mine – a giant, patriarch Coast Live Oak along the Jack Creek Meadow trail. I’ve photographed it before and presented it in black & white then just like now. One of its massive limbs fell (quite a while ago, it was broken off already when I made my first photo, linked above) but the rest is still incredibly impressive. I’ve named it the “Jack Creek Meadow Titan”. :-) Continue reading