Colors of Oak Creek

The waters of Oak Creek reflect the colors of landscape and sky, Templeton Trail, Sedona, Arizona.

While hiking on the Templeton Trail along Oak Creek in Sedona I found this spot on a rock from where I could look down onto the water of the creek, and how it reflected land and sky (the trees were still all bare in mid March, so there wasn’t a lot of green). It was quite mesmerizing and I could’ve stared at it for a long time. Maybe I’m just Southern California deprived of the sights and sounds of flowing water? I think there’s more – something about the colors of landscape and sky reflecting in water. The reflection shifts the colors into other colors that are harder to describe…

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Birds In Flight

Long exposure panning of Shorebirds in flight at State Beach, Cardiff By The Sea, California. March 2011.

While cleaning out the vaults :) I found this triplet of images from some experiments with panning (moving the camera along with objects in motion) and dragging the shutter in low light situations. The photos are from March 2011 and I quite like how they turned out. They capture the sense of motion and the speed of the birds in flight, all against the tranquil setting of the ocean and the waves rolling in past sunset. If it was just one such photo I wouldn’t bother showing it, but as a set of three they work together.

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April Winds

April winds shake the solitary Cottonwood at Lake Henshaw, near Warner Springs, California. April 2014.

I had envisioned this photo pretty much like it is now long before I made it – and that’s obviously the reason why I picked it as my photo of the month for April 2014.

It is of course “that” Cottonwood tree at Lake Henshaw, well-known to the followers of my photography. I made it only a couple of days ago, when one more (perhaps last, for this rainy season) storm brought a little bit of rain to Southern California.

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West Butte Borrego Mountain Loop

Clouds dance in a long exposure photo of Coyote Mountain and snow-covered Toro Peak from West Butte Borrego Mountain, near Ocotillo Wells, California. February 2013.

A winter storm brought clouds and rain to San Diego County – and snow at higher elevations. Joe and I were out to hike the West Butte Borrego Mountain loop as described by Jerry Schad in “Afoot & Afield in San Diego County”. On the 100 Peaks list, this is peak number 28.

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