First time at Ocean Beach pier

Tide pools and pier, Ocean Beach, California; December 2014.

I visited Ocean Beach pier yesterday evening – for the first time since I’m in San Diego, which is over four years now! I was at nearby Sunset Cliffs a number of times, and also at the dog beach with Toni (just one time, as she didn’t like it – too many other dogs around, she’s not comfortable with that, lesson learned), but never to the quite iconic, T-shaped pier. So yesterday, I finally went there – in particular because there was a high surf advisory in place for the San Diego coastal areas, and I wanted to see some good waves.

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High Surf

Offshore wind sends spindrift flying off the top of big waves after a winter storm; La Jolla, California; March 2014.

I made some photos of the beautiful big waves last weekend at La Jolla Cove and Windansea (the weather forecast issued a high surf advisory and talked about single sets of waves being up to 15 feet high). This is just one of many sequences (maybe I’ll have another one that will work, not sure yet). I think I like the second photo of this set best.

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Stranded Strands on the Strand

Kelp strands washed ashore, Solana Beach, California; November 2013.

These strands of kelp stranded on the strand! Isn’t English a wonderful language? :) It wasn’t the photographically most productive walk at Seaside Beach this evening, but Toni sure did enjoy it, as usual. And I liked how the kelp strands stranded on the strand seemed to interact with the shape of the clouds… a little bit… or perhaps that’s just a photographer’s wishful thinking.

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Marine Layer

Marine stratus block the sunset, Solana Beach, California; September 2013.

Three images from South Cardiff State Beach* near Cardiff By The Sea/Encinitas. Just like so very often, the marine layer ate the sunset. That’s a type of coastal fog/inversion layer that lingers out over the ocean and moves inland in the evening and over night (it’s actually a good friend of mine for providing flat and even light for daytime long exposure photography at the coast).

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