Spring into Summer

Cleveland Sage (Salvia clevelandii) in Buckwheat and California Sagebrush, Rancho Bernardo, California. June 2020.

At the end of May and into June, I’m reminded how much beauty is in our Southern California landscapes still, even as summer approaches. I’m growing increasingly fond of the hues and sights of this transition from spring into summer.

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Blue Sky Walk

Oak branches against an overcast sky at the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Poway, California, January 2017.

Some photos from a walk at the Blue Sky Ecological Preserve with my friends Joe and Peter. It’s always interesting to see how others see the same stuff I’m looking at all the time. We took the oak grove trail first and then continued to the picnic area below the Lake Poway dam. Joe had never been to this place, and Peter only a long time ago.

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Riparian Jungle, Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

Live Oak Branch at Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Poway, California, September 2016.

I took advantage of some recent foggy mornings to photograph the chaotic riparian woodland at the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve. They’re probably not the most accessible images, but I think these are my favorite photos from this place right now – to me, they capture the essence of this riparian jungle during our dry season.

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Fog and Blue Sky

Fog, Oaks and Sycamores seen from the Torretto Overlook Trail, Blue Sky Ecological Preserve, Poway, California. September 2016.

With our move to Rancho Bernardo last year in November we’ve gotten closer to the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, an oak-lined riparian canyon through which the old and gated “Green Valley Truck Trail” passes. It also connects to the reservoirs of Lake Ramona and Lake Poway, opening up some serious hiking possibilities. Some people hike from the Blue Sky Reserve to Lake Poway, and from there all the way up to Mount Woodson and the famous “Potato Chip Rock“.

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Steps into Infrared (5 photos)

Coast Live Oak, infrared. Bluesky Ecolological Preserve, Poway, California. May 2016.

During a recent Google+ conversation about infrared (IR) photography with my friend Shannon Johnson, I mentioned that I hoped to try it one day. Shortly after, he sent me an email and asked me if I wanted to borrow his IR-converted camera for a couple of weeks. How could I resist? :-D

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