Life After Death (Red Hill Marina Trees, Salton Sea)

Dead trees at Red Hill Marina, Salton Sea, California. November 2013.

The somewhat famous trees at Red Hill Marina, Salton Sea. They might be long dead, but live on as a subject quite favorable among photographers visiting the area. When I was there end of November 2013, I ran into another photographer that was visiting Southern California, coming all the way down to the Salton Sea from the Bay Area.

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A Lake in the Desert

Eight birds and an odd planter at the Red Hill Marina, Salton Sea, California, United States. November 2013.

Saturday we went for a little road trip into the desert – it was more driving and less hiking and exploration since my knee is still on the mend after the misstep in the cave a little more than a week ago. The desert was quite busy on the Saturday of the long Thanksgiving weekend – I’ve never seen it like this before.

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Sunset at Alkali Flats (Salton Sea)

Golden hour at Alkali Flats, Salton Sea, California. September 2019.

After our desert hike on the Cottonwood Springs Trail in Joshua Tree National Park and a good night’s rest in La Quinta, we left the Coachella Valley for the last leg of the desert trip that Shuwen had planned for my visit: a visit to the Salton Sea. I had seen a photo of some dead trees reflecting in shallow and calm water and I only knew it was made somewhere at the Salton Sea – not much to go on from of course, but a lake in the desert?! That sounded pretty crazy and interesting anyway.

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