Santa Ysabel West in Infrared

Backlit Oaks on a hill and summer grasses (infrared monochrome), Santa Ysabel, California; June 2016.

Since Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve West is one of my favorite places in the back country, it was quite obviously very important to see what it looks like in infrared. :-) My friend Tracy and I hiked it in mid June. It was a bit too sunny, and a bit less cloudy than we had hoped for when we read the weather forecast, but for infrared photos, these conditions worked out quite nicely.

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Live Oak under Stormclouds

Oak under mammatus clouds, Mesa Grande, California; August 2014.

Wednesday a system coming from the southeastern Pacific moved through Southern California and brought heavy clouds and thunderstorms. I can’t remember that anything like that happened in the three previous summers since I’m in San Diego – usually, what little summer precipitation we get originates to the southeast, when some leftovers of monsoon storms make it across the mountains. This system came in from the ocean however and moved inland from the southwest, over the coastal areas. Maybe that has to do with the rumored El Nino in the making? I don’t know.

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A Late Winter Storm

Along the Pacific Crest Trail with a view of Hayes Peak under storm clouds, Laguna Mountains, California

Early last week a minor trough moved through Southern California and brought a bit of rain, and even some snow in the higher regions. Wednesday morning the clouds looked excellent. I simply wanted to enjoy some clouds and thought I’d take Toni for a morning walk at the beach — but when I left home, there were no clouds to the West. Disappointed, I just took a walk on some local trail instead.

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Rainy Santa Ysabel Hike

A fence marks the boundary of Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve, near Julian, California. March 2014.

Thankfully, we had another day with clouds and rain. I went with two friends to Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve East and hiked in from the eastern entrance into the preserve, which lies closer to Julian, a bit north of the entrance to the Volcan Mountain Preserve. Both preserves belong to the San Dieguito River Park system of open spaces that stretch from the coast at Del Mar up to Volcan Mountain.

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