Gloomy Morning at Scripps Coastal Preserve

A little bit north of Scripps Pier lies the beach section of Scripps Coastal Preserve (there’s also a “knoll” part, high above the southern part of Black’s Beach). Photographically speaking, it’s probably the most underrepresented part of San Diego’s coast, despite the fact that there are some really beautiful rock formations (yes, I’ve been there a couple of times). Continue reading

Blue Hour at the Tabletops (4 photos)

I hadn’t been to South Cardiff State Beach and the tide pools of Tabletop Reef in quite a while. Or rather, the coast in general. It had been 6 weeks, and I began to feel a certain longing for the ocean. I thought that’s interesting – I lived in Germany for 40 years, and I’ve been on “beach vacations” in Italy, Greece and Turkey in the past, but I never felt that I actually missed the ocean.

Continue reading

Another Sunset at Tabletop Reef (4 photos)

Storms are drenching San Diego County and Southern California with much needed moisture. The first of them has just passed through and the only place to go for a walk is really the beach, because all trails are muddy and slippery, or closed entirely (to prevent further damage when people walk into vegetation to get around large puddles, etc.). Continue reading

Long Exposures at Tabletop Reef (2 photos)

I’m close to finishing the culling/editing and processing of my photos from December (three days with photo activities left). Here are two photos from a morning outing to the familiar tide pools at Tabletop Reef. Continue reading

Always Hospital Point (5 photos)

On a recent evening visit to Hospital Point during low tide I was quite intrigued by the colorful and fine details in the tide pools. Photographing them the way I wanted would’ve been possible with my wide-angle tilt-shift lens actually, which focuses really, really close and allows better depth of field control with the tilting mechanism. The only problem was that I didn’t have that lens with me. :-) Continue reading

Scripps Coastal Preserve Knoll (3 photos)

So far I’ve always been to the beach portion of Scripps Coastal Preserve. It does also include a “knoll” part – a small pocket of undeveloped land just south and above of South Torrey Pines State Beach (aka Black’s Beach). A short loop called the “Biodiversity Trail” leads to the edge of the cliff through coastal chaparral. Continue reading

The #greenmossrocks at Windansea (5 photos)

Photos from a low-tide-at-sunset outing to La Jolla’s Windansea Beach. A lot of the sand that covers these rocks in summer had been washed away so at low tide, there was plenty to play with. The sky didn’t look too interesting when I arrived but it lit up nicely after sunset. I’m quite happy with the amount of “keepers”. Continue reading