Boulders & Buckwheat

California Buckwheat, Mission Manzanita, Granitic Boulders; Rancho Bernardo, California, July 2021.

It feels like there’s always time for some Southern California “summertime hues”, and I’m still collecting images for a portfolio themed around that topic and its colors and subjects. So far however, it doesn’t look as coherent as I’d like to, so perhaps more images are needed.

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New Summer Colors

Granitic boulders in summer-colored sage scrub, Rancho Bernardo, California. July 2021.

When summer arrives, it’s still a bit of a surprise to me, every year, that I find the drying vegetation and its colors quite charming, and worth photographing. One wouldn’t expect that this is a good time to make photos of the Southern California landscape and its plant communities — but then I’m out for a morning run on a local trail and think “dang, this is beautiful!” and have to return with the camera.

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