Sunset Cliffs: Hidden Beach Verticals

Green moss on rocks and sandstone strata, Hidden Beach, Sunset Cliffs, California; January 2015.

Three images from another negative tide outing to the coast – I’ve never been to this spot at the southern end of Sunset Cliffs before, and later learned that it is called “Hidden Beach”. It’s location is not quite as secret as the name would imply though – and by Sunset Cliffs standards, access is relatively easy. (Sunset Cliffs is always in some local news because people fall, get trapped by the tides, etc.)

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Coastal Cliffs and Caves, San Diego

Sea Cave at low tide, between La Jolla Shores and La Jolla Cove, California; December 2014.

A couple more photos from my recent low tide/negative tide outings to Point Loma, Sunset Cliffs and La Jolla Shores. I liked this arrangement quite a bit, so I compiled it into a collage/triptych — it is available as a print-on-demand in my store: Column Strata Cave Collage. I recommend to print it on canvas.

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Negative Tide at Sunset Cliffs

Rock protruding prominently from the bedrock at the tide pools of Sunset Cliffs, California; December 2014.

We’re having a number of days with negative tides at the moment – those only occur in the Winter months. There are a couple of interesting spots along the coast that are worth visiting then, and Sunset Cliffs is one of them. The rocky seafloor there is not often exposed that much and it was fun to walk around and photograph areas that are otherwise submerged

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