Farewell, Little Hunter

Flower Power Toni, Lake Hodges, California. April 2019 (around the time of her 16th birthday). Rancho Bernardo, California; April 2019.

Monday evening, we had to say the last goodbye to our beloved little dog Toni. She was over 18 years old and it didn’t come as a shock or surprise to us, but losing a companion that has been around for so many years is hard. It’s been only three days, so I struggle to put at least some of it into words… but I also want to get it out and said, if that makes any sense?

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In the Tunnels again

Toni in Scrub oak elfin forest at the Del Mar Mesa Preserve, San Diego, California, December 2016.

I showed two of my Chaparralian friends the tunnels in Deer Canyon at the Del Mar Mesa Preserve. The place remains hard to resist, and a challenge to photograph. I’m also exploring different approaches to develop these photos, and I quite like how these turned out.

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