A Quick Escape (1)

As I mentioned in my August summary, we’ve had the worst heatwave of the year (so far… keeping my fingers crossed) over the weekend. The night from Saturday to Sunday was particularly annoying because temperatures actually increased over night (down-slope effect of offshore wind). At San Diego’s airport, which is really close to the ocean but somewhat sheltered in the bay of San Diego, the temperature was 91°F/33°C at 1:30am, in the middle of the night. For San Diego, that’s extraordinary. Continue reading

Joshua Tree Infrared (3 photos)

Three infrared photos from my visit to Joshua Tree National Park in February, with and thanks to my friend T. M. Schultze. We were expecting far more sunny conditions than we actually had, and I did not get the “epic/classic” photo of a Joshua Tree against a blue sky in infrared that I had hoped for (the blue sky would turn pretty much black, and the Joshua Tree would turn almost white in infrared of course), so even these three images now feel a little bit like “leftovers” I like them enough to show them here. Continue reading

West Side Road

West Side “Road” is a hiking trail on Cleveland National Forest land that starts at the very end of the San Diego Country Estates area near Ramona. It’s very close to the super-popular Cedar Creek Falls trailhead – and receives very little attention. Continue reading

Blue Sky Walk (8 photos)

Some photos from a walk at the Blue Sky Ecological Preserve with my friends Joe and Peter. It’s always interesting to see how others see the same stuff I’m looking at all the time. We took the oak grove trail first and then continued to the picnic area below the Lake Poway dam. Joe had never been to this place, and Peter only a long time ago (you can see some of Peter’s photo in his Instagram feed, and Joe’s on his website). Continue reading

Borrego Palm Canyon (7 photos)

I’ve always avoided hiking Borrego Palm Canyon in Anza Borrego Desert State Park – it’s one of the most popular hikes in the (vast) park for sure – and my personal expectation for a “desert experience” does not include crowds. After the nice winter rains we had now though, I knew the creek in the canyon would have water – enough to finally pique my interest in the place. Continue reading

Love Valley (6 photos)

First hike to Love Valley in 2017 with my friend T. M. Schultze. I was curious about the pond that I read about in Jerry Schad’s “Afoot & Afield in San Diego County” – he mentions that it has water during wet winters. We’ve had good amounts of rain in December and January, and indeed, there was some water accumulating. It wasn’t much yet (a pretty large puddle, one might say), but the serenity and peacefulness of Love Valley was enchanting nevertheless. Continue reading

Iced Black Oaks (3 photos)

The last photos from our Christmas Day “into winter” trip to San Diego’s mountain regions. I’ve made photos of these Black Oaks before, but never from Sunrise Highway. I saw them in their ice-crusted, bare beauty while driving by, and luckily we found a narrow spot off the pavement to park and make photos. Continue reading