Mud Play (2)

Last light on cracked, drying mud of the Amargosa River at Ashford Junction, Death Valley National Park, California; January 2023.

These detail photos of drying and cracking mud were made before and after I made the photo of the Amargosa River itself that I showed in the previous post. Maybe it’s a bit wishful thinking that three images each do work, with last light and twilight, respectively, but I think they’re different enough to justify showing them. (I have no idea how the relatively even stripes in the third photo might have formed!)

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Water In The Desert (1)

Shallow water filling the mud flats at Cottonball Basin, reflecting the twilight landscape and overcast sky; Death Valley National Park, Californial; January 2023.

After our Desolation Canyon hike, we had our lunch sandwiches and thought about what we’d do with the rest of the afternoon. The idea to re-visit the area of Salt Creek came to mind, but we found the road closed due to damage from flash flooding that occurred with the summer’s monsoon storms in 2022.

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