Summer rain at Leitgeringer See, Bavaria, Germany; July 2009.

Summer rain at Leitgeringer See, Bavaria, Germany. During an afternoon walk with Toni, a short but intensive shower surprised us. We found shelter under some trees and with a telezoom lens and varying shutter speeds, I focused on the pouring rain to capture these abstract images.

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Rain & Shine at Frillensee

The sun comes out at Frillensee near Adlgass, Inzell, Bavaria. June 2008.

Here are some photos from an afternoon hike to Frillensee, near Inzell-Adlgass. The weather in the mountains can often be far more erratic and intensive than in the lowlands, and this day was no exception – it was raining and clouds lingered above the forest and hid the mountains from view, but as I walked around the lake, it cleared up and the sun came out. Quite lovely conditions!

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