Ten Years, Ten Photos – 2015: Deeper Connections

Macro photo of an opened solitary bud of a California Buckwheat flower cluster, Black Mountain Open Space Preserve, San Diego, California

If there’s one thing I’m really good at it seems to be underestimating the dedication, time and perseverance taking on certain projects requires. I’m not sure if the “Ten Years, Ten Photos” series (which I began in 2017) is really one of those but for whatever reason, at some point I lost track of it! Typical. But, now that I have submitted my USCO registration for the first quarter of 2021, I am forced to take a short break from adding new photos to the site, and finally found the muse to return to writing this series, in March 2021 — just four years after I had begun it! :-O

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December 2020 End Notes

Winter sunset on Christmas Day at the tide pools of Tabletop Reef, Solana Beach, California. December 2012.

December ends, and with it, the year of 2020. The year that, at the very least, seemed to pass in even more of a blur than years usually do as we’re getting older. It’s time for one last look back, enhanced this time with a few statistics and other bits of news. Welcome to the End Notes for December 2020.

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Puzzle Pieces from the Inner Sphere of Meaning (2018 in review)

A negative tide exposes rocks covered with surfgrass (Phyllospadix species), Tabletop Reef, Solana Beach, California. January 2018.

A little bit later than intended, here is the “year in review” article that I promised with my favorite photos of 2018. Unlike last year’s review, this isn’t a recap of weather, travels and happenings. When I think about 2018, the one thought that summarizes it all for me is “year of changes”, and when I sat down and began to write, I primarily wanted to investigate why in hindsight, I feel about 2018 this way. It took me not just quite a bit longer, but also a lot further than I had anticipated!

To make the sheer length of this article a little bit more tolerable, I’m garnishing it with some photos from 2018 that did just not make it into my selection of personal favorites. :-)

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2017: The Year in Review

Last sunlight reflecting off of rocks at the tide pools of Hospital Point, La Jolla, California

As mentioned in the blog post with My Favorite Photos from 2017, I want to write and share some more words about the year as a whole. 2017 was an interesting year for sure – even strange perhaps, when I look back now, from multiple different perspectives, photographically and otherwise. Personally, it was difficult and I briefly mentioned one aspect of that in my August summary, which shall suffice. Photographically it was certainly different, and this is what I will focus on here (the photos that accompany and illustrate the different sections below are alternatives to the ones that appear in my “Favorites…” post, linked above).

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Ten Years, Ten Photos – 2013: Seeing More

Brittlebush & Slot Canyon Wall, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, California. February 2013.

2013 was a year that was filled with an incredible amount of activities: the early months were filled with many days of desert explorations, often with my friend Joe. In March, Shuwen and I went on a trip to Taiwan. In May I drove up the west coast all the way to Seattle with my friend Doug. In September another road trip took Shuwen and me up north along California’s coast, and ultimately to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.

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