Ten Years, Ten Photos – 2012: Returning to Mountains

View of Half Dome from Olmsted Point, Yosemite National Park, California; August 2012.

Looking back at 2012 and the photos that I made that year, I can honestly say that it was amazing: I’ve explored and hiked the many beautiful places in San Diego’s back country, got fascinated with the riparian woodlands in the canyons, fell in love with photographing in the fog, and so much more… looking at it now, my “top 10” selection from back then doesn’t really do the photographic output of that year justice – I would probably make a different selection today.

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Ten Years, Ten Photos – 2010: Farewell Hikes

Watzmann, Hochkalter, Reiter Alpe; view from the summit of Zwiesel after a Summer rainstorm had passed the area; Bavaria, Germany, August 2010.

2010 was the year I left Germany and moved to California. On October 22nd I landed in Los Angeles with Toni in her crate, a suitcase and my camera backpack. The backpack also contained the boot drive of my old computer and another hard drive with my digital photo library. And that was it. These were the essentials of me – a most interesting experience.

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Ten Years, Ten Photos – 2007: It Was the Mountains

Light and shadow playing on the pastures of Hochalm, seen from the Beutelkopf trail; Heutal, Salzburger Land, Austria; October 2007.

I always liked making photos, but it was the combination of instant feedback from digital cameras and being able to develop images on the computer what really got me into photography. My first digital compact camera had a 2.1 megapixel sensor with abysmal image quality, an insanely slow startup time and auto focus, and the four AA batteries that it needed lasted for about 100 photos. Early in 2007 I borrowed a DSLR, and that was the point when I was infected in earnest by the photography bug.

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