The Third Word: Intimate

Continuing in my “five words” series of posts, I’m adding the word “intimate” to the list today. It’s actually one of the words that I’m most sure of. When I first picked up photography in 2006/2007, I was convinced that I lived in the wrong part of the world for landscape photography. Seeing all the grand vistas and magnificent scenery from around the world, Germany seemed like a pretty bad spot to make “epic” landscape photos. Germany (and Austria, and Italy) have pretty few areas of true wilderness – it’s an old, cultivated landscape except for the most rugged areas of the alps, at high elevations.

What I did find were intimate landscapes, the “little” scenes in forests, along rivers and creeks, ponds and lakes. And I grew pretty fond of them. Today, I am not sure anymore whether intimate landscape photography was a choice I made just by these circumstances. Rather, I think my photographic eye has always been attracted to the beauty that lies in the small and anonymous places – I needed to adjust it of course when I moved to Southern California, but I found my subjects here as well. In the mountains, the desert and the back country. I selected some of my favorites for you in the gallery below (color photos only, this time!). I hope they illustrate my choice for the third word nicely, and that you like them.

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  1. These are a fine assembly Alexander. I like what you do with your subtle color splashes like the blue in Life on Mars or the in and out of lavender on Ceanothus

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