Three Views of Water

This triptych of Staubfall and Fischbach came together as I’m working on “cleaning out the vaults” of 2008.

The photos were made on the same day, same hike, same area, but it never occurred to me to combine them in this manner — or at least it didn’t occur to me back then when I first imported and reviewed the images.

I find all three of the images individually appealing, but not enough to stand on their own. This is reflected in my ratings in Lightroom, of course: 3-stars often means “maybe”, if the images work in a larger context.

In this instance, it was fairly easy to connect the photos but identifying such connections and themes across multiple years is a bit more challenging. For this purpose, I have quite a number of collections in a structure “Work in progress” in Lightroom, and many of them came together while I was doing my “final review” of annual folders. Whether I’ll ultimately find them worth sharing is a different story…

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3 thoughts on “Three Views of Water”

  1. These would look nice in a triptych.

    I wish I was more systematic about cleaning up old archives. I start to scan date folders, get bored if I don’t find any hidden gems, then just move on to something else forgetting about the whole process. And that doesn’t even touch the surface of work that is still on film.

  2. These do work well together. I don’t think I’ve ever put together a triptych like this. And I still have much to learn about organization in Lightroom to better allow this sort of process.


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