My personal Top 10 photos of 2012

My selection of personal top 10 photos from 2012. The second year that I’m living in Southern California, and I have the feeling that I’m beginning to connect with the region more closely – and I hope it shows in the photos! In Summer, we also went to Mammoth Lakes for a hiking vacation, and visiting the Eastern Sierra for the first time was quite a treat, of course.

Quite naturally, and just like the previous “Top 10” selections (from 2009, 2010, 2011), this is a momentary fix point and a personal choice of my current taste and preferences. It wasn’t easy to compile this selection (the longer I’m into this thing, the more critical I become of myself), and I still have quite a backlog of photos from 2012 to process (and it’s growing with every hike and outing where I have the camera with me, of course).

Clicking on a thumbnail will open the image larger in a lightbox/slideshow.

I hope you like the selection, and I’d be happy to hear your feedback.

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