Torrey Pine Grove

I made this photo on the same visit to Torrey Pines where I also photographed Flat Rock at low tide, but somehow it had escaped my attention and I haven’t shown it anywhere yet.

Since the #challengeonnaturephotography is making the rounds on Facebook (and maybe somewhere else too) I was looking for photos that are not published on my website (and there’s plenty of them, of course) and I found it a great starter image when two of my friends asked me to join this “challenge”. Not that it would actually be very challenging to post seven nature photos for a landscape & nature photographer (just like it wasn’t with the Five Day Black & White Challenge, previously;-) but this way, it’s fun for me too, digging through my archives. :-)

For the readers who are not from San Diego or Southern California – the Torrey Pine (Pinus torreyana) is the rarest pine in the United States (or maybe even on Earth?). Nowadays, it only grows here in the coastal regions of San Diego County, and on one of California’s islands, off the coast. As always, Wikipedia has more information about the Torrey Pine for those who want to know.

Torrey Pine Grove along the Guy Fleming Trail, Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve, San Diego, CA.
Torrey Pine Grove along the Guy Fleming Trail, Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve, San Diego, CA. October 2013.

Some technical background bits: in the harsh afternoon backlight, I chose to ignore the highlights in the sky and just overexposed them, in favor of detail on the foreground and the pine trees. I added some cross-processing flair with Split Toning (highlights yellow, shadows blue) and a slightly washed out effect, by eliminating both “true” black and white tones.

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  1. Really nice. Leapt off the screen in the thumbnail version from my RSS reader… I miss the oaks more than anything from SD (except for you guys!).

  2. Hi Alexander – thanks for the technical bits! I am working on trees in winter (we have a lot of them in Oregon). I’ll try out your post-processing.

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