Torrey Pines in Fog (color)

The second set of images from the morning outing to Torrey Pines with my friend Joe, now in color (the first set was black & white). I previously mentioned how happy I am that I finally managed to be out at this special place when it is shrouded in dense fog, and we I look at the color photos now, it’s even more true than for the black & whites!

But it took me quite a while to develop these photos to my liking. I wanted the overall atmosphere to reflect the quiet mystic of the foggy morning with its muted colors, but at the same time, I felt that the images should also be decidedly “colorful” – well, not in the literal sense obviously, but in the way that the colors add to the overall impression, and not just “be there”. I let the images speak now and hope you can see in the photos what I do.

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