Traumgestade (5 photos)

Another visit to Seaside Beach and the tide pools of Tabletop Reef. Now, I told myself that I’d not do these very long exposures anymore (because so many people do them) but while I’ve done enough of them in La Jolla, I figured I never really paid a long exposure homage to “my” favorite go-to beach. :)

It was very tempting of course to turn these into black & white but after playing with the colors for a while I quite like the outcome – a half-desaturated, cross-processed/split-toned look, combined with a very airy and light high-key like appearance.

In my experience, the really silky and unreal look of the water requires exposure times beyond two minutes. I aimed for twice as much, and each of these photos has an exposure time of at least four minutes. I made a total of seven photos while there. Including setting up the camera and the necessary in-camera noise reduction, that takes well over an hour. Of these seven frames, one was a failure because a wave washed around the tripod legs and caused blur (the tide was coming in more and more, it wasn’t possible to repeat it at that particular spot unfortunately), and one didn’t come out as I had hoped for, composition-wise. You see the remaining five above. I hope you like them!

Also, while there I briefly met two other photographers, Bree Hunter and Joe Goger. That doesn’t happen too often at these tide pools (unlike Hospital/Nicholson Point at La Jolla). We exchanged a few words and contact information, and I’m curious to see what photos they came up with. It’s always interesting and inspiring to see how other photographers interpret a (very) familiar scene!

Oh and, in case you’re wondering: Traumgestade is German (no surprise I guess!) and means “Dream Strand”. I liked the sound of the German words better than the English ones. They sounds more “round”, darker, romantic… and easier roll off my tongue. ;-)

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