Trees in Rain

Here’s an old image from 2008, and a personal favorite. Looking back, I can honestly say today that most photos from that time which I still like were happy accidents or lucky coincidences (but then again, photography is often a lot about being in the right place at the right time). In fact, this is a photo that I had not “discovered” in my collection until about a year or two later, and found a way to process it to bring out it’s qualities.

Pines on a ridge above Bunyola, Majorica, Spain. September 2008.
Trees in Rain — Pines on a ridge above Bunyola, Majorica, Spain. September 2008. From the “Arbres Monochromatique” portfolio.

Today, I approach subjects and scenes with much greater awareness. I know more of “what I want to do” (and I also understand “what will not work” – and thus don’t even raise the camera). As a result, the amount of random images that I come home with from a photo outing has decreased quite a lot. But at the same time, I sometimes miss the child-like naivety that made me raise the camera and make photos of all kinds of things. Sometimes, I have the feeling that finding what I like (bad weather and overcast days for example, like in the photo) has me “stuck” in these things, and miss other, perhaps very obvious subjects right in front of my eyes.

It’s probably unavoidable that, as we’re working to develop and establish our own vision and style, we’re also getting bored with it, every now and then. I hope that doing what I do and seeing what I see will keep making me happy – but at the same time, I hope that I won’t be making long exposure seascapes and high contrast desert black & whites and gloomy photos of trees in fog and rain until the end of my days. But who knows?! :-)

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