Triberg Waterfalls

Some impressions from the Triberg Waterfalls in the Black Forest region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. These falls are easily accessible by well maintained trails and bridges. On location, multiple signs announce these falls as being the “highest waterfalls in Germany” – which is a nice grammatical twist, since the falls are composed of a total of seven cascades with a combined drop of about 160m. The twist is the plural – waterfalls.

The Röthbach waterfall in Bavaria’s Nationalpark Berchtesgaden, with a total drop of almost 470m, is way higher – but it doesn’t have multiple cascades, so the two can peaceful coexist, and both can be claimed by their local tourism agencies as being the highest. ;) The Triberg Waterfalls are actually falls of the Gutach creek, at the town of Triberg.

Technical information: we visited the falls on an overcast day with light drizzle – those are ideal conditions to photograph them. The drizzle moistens the flora enough to give it a vibrant and highly saturated look, and it was not necessary to use a polarizing filter to get rid of hard glare (which often puts the green saturation over the top). I used a 6-stop neutral density filter to get exposure times that where long enough to render the flowing water silky and blurry (between 10 and 15 seconds mostly).

At the same time, I still found the vibrancy and lushness of the scenery too intensive when I began processing the images – maybe that’s a result of living in arid Southern California for 3 1/2 years now… so in the end, I settled for a very slightly cross-processed look with somewhat muted colors that holds enough truth to still be authentic.

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