Virginia Lakes Hike

On our first visit to Conway Summit and Dunderberg Meadows we noticed “hey, there’s a hike up here!” when we stopped at Virginia Lakes (where the road ends). A couple of days later, we went to check it out.

The hike begins at Big Virginia Lake and soon passes Blue Lake. From there, the trail begins to gain a little bit of elevation before it reaches Cooney Lake, which is quite a beauty so we sat and had our snacks there. The trail then continues north of Cooney Lake, and passes by the three Frog Lakes. The landscape gets rather barren there and we didn’t feel to compelled to continue (since we also wanted to have a look at other places further north on Highway 395 that day).

On the way back I made some more photos of the lakes and surrounding landscape when some clouds moved in and added a bit of interestingness to the landscape. In retrospect, we should’ve probably continued the hike at least up to Summit Lake from Frog Lakes instead of being so very lazy. Well, next time! :)

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