Watcher of Tides

July was the month of long exposures for sure. Much to the dismay of residents that live in the coastal areas of San Diego, the marine layer was quite persistent even in July, allowing for some nice long exposure work in flat, even light.

And I did plenty of that, at Torrey Pines, Swami’s, and Point Loma. This is a photo from Point Loma:

Long exposure black & white photo at the Point Loma tidal pools, San Diego, CA. July 2013.
Watcher of Tides — Point Loma tidal pools, San Diego, California. July 2013.

To pick a single image from these series as the photo of the month was rather difficult, since they work so well combined together. However, that morning at Point Loma, I felt an awareness for the work I was doing that was special somehow. I think it’s rather normal to walk around with camera and tripod, try this and that, and produce (far) more outtakes than keepers. On that morning though, I photographed maybe ten distinctively different scenes, and six of them are in the gallery. Quite an unusual rate of creative yield!

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