Water Abstracts Triptych

When I updated my homepage with a new set of images recently, I realized that I had never put the previous three photos together as a “Small Set” and collage/triptych. Duh!

I think they do work quite well together, so here they are, preserved a bit more permanently. :) Click or tap on any photo for more information.

Once more, I’ve combined the arrangement into a single image, ready for purchase in my print-on-demand store. Works great as a ready-to-hang acrylic, canvas or metal print!

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4 thoughts on “Water Abstracts Triptych”

  1. Good call. I agree, these do go well together. I’m fascinated by the idea of taking photos created so far apart from one another (in both time and space, ha!) and putting them together like this.

  2. Each image alone is peaceful and, in its own right, beautiful, and they work well as a set. Their common theme crosses time and location.

  3. Gorgeous work, Alex, and I like that you didn’t elect to change the colors to make each one the same neutral – the differences in the subtle pastel backgrounds add a lot. Very, very calming. Deep breath time! They work together so very well – the ends support the middle.


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