Water, Light, Texture, Reflection

This collection of photographs is another result of my efforts to “clean out the vaults”, where older folders of images get one final review before they’re marked as done for good.

It’s interesting to find these groupings, of course: over the course of a couple of years, my photographic eye had been more or less attracted to these combinations of reflections of land and sky and textures on water surfaces. Interestingly, it ends with the 2013 photo from Crater Lake and despite the fact that I live close to Lake Hodges, which should provide plenty of similar situations, I just stopped seeing them, and seeing that way.

My “final review” of older folders is slow going, of course. Maybe I’ll find one or the other image that will be a good addition to this gallery as I proceed, but I have the feeling that there’s not that much left — which is why I’m comfortable of putting these photographs “out there” together now.

You see that I filed this under my “Themed Galleries” and not as portfolio. I asked myself: is this a portfolio? To me, the answer is yes and no. Yes because it’s a grouping of photos that shares a theme. No because it wasn’t actively conceived that way until after the fact.

This is of course only a personal definition but I think that, for something to be a portfolio that you truly worked on, it requires that you not only identify a theme in older photos, but also continue to work on building that portfolio.

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8 thoughts on “Water, Light, Texture, Reflection”

  1. I find myself drawn to Golden Reflections 2, of the branches reflecting in Huckinger See. I love the really abstract quality and all the wavy, squiggly lines, as well as the color palette. Very nice gallery. And thanks for your thoughts on gallery versus portfolio. I’m not sure I’d put much thought into those aspects before.


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