Not the March Madness?


March was a busy month. Spring, green and wildflowers everywhere, running creeks, filled ponds and vernal pools! Lots of running around (not really in all the wrong places though;-) and all that while I’m preparing a Lightroom class for the San Diego Photo Club, and my “photographic hike from coast to crest” for the San Dieguito River Park as well. Continue reading

February News

February was a short month but filled with wonderful photographic activities. Here’s my monthly summary with all things new and different on my website and around my photography. Some blog posts from February are still missing at this point and a couple of January photos also still need to be published, but otherwise I’m pretty good at keeping up right now. :-)

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Sikes Saturday Series

In 2017, the San Dieguito River Park has a series of programs at the historic Sikes Adobe farmstead each Saturday, running from January through April. I’m one of the speakers and while my appearance is still a ways out (on April 15th) the programs start in January, and are well worth a look for locals – not limited to but especially in San Diego’s north county inland, around Escondido and all along the San Dieguito watershed of course. :-) Please have a look:

Sikes Saturday Series of the San Dieguito River Park Continue reading

September Summary

September is over and we had some interesting weather this month – cool nights, some mornings with thick fog, and also two days with Florida-like humidity and beautiful, almost constant monsoonal rain, thanks to remnant moisture from hurricane “Paine”. My photographic activities increased a little bit, but the truly good months for photography in Southern California are yet to come, and I’m really looking forward to this year’s desert hiking season already, as well as Spring in the back country. It’s getting close and the two days of rain made me feel it already. :-)

So what’s been going on here on the site and around my photography? Let’s jump right in… Continue reading