What’s been cooking in October?

Hi folks! I’m done with importing my Taiwan travel log articles (you can find them all when you browse the “Taiwan” weblog keyword). Here’s a summary and links gallery of what has been happening on the site lately.

I compiled all the street & urban photos from the Taiwan travel logs into one hell of a big gallery, here: Taiwan Street & Urban. Check it out! While going through the Taiwan photos again I also made some additions to the Subtropical Forest gallery, as well as the Taiwan Landscapes & Scenery gallery (most notably, a huge panorama of Sun Moon Lake, the original is >130 megapixels).

The Desert portfolio category also got a couple of additions – a new gallery “Desert by Phone” with quite some cellphone & Snapseed images from a recent desert hike, and a new Small Set with images of Cracked Mud. The Desert Monochrome gallery received some new images as well. Since the desert hike season is just about to start with temperatures dropping into more comfortable regions, expect more new photos and galleries to arrive – the thumbnail of “Fold” is one of the most recent images, made only two days ago.

I also (and finally) created a “Landscape” portfolio category – how come I completely missed that until now? and the latest addition to it is a Small Set titled “Lightfalls” that I made during a rainy day in San Diego’s back country, when a friend from Germany was visiting and I was taking her around to see the land.

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