Wild Oaks at PQ

Picking the photo of the month for April 2013 wasn’t too difficult – I didn’t have that many to choose from. After coming back from Taiwan by the end of March, I had captured so many images that I felt photographically exhausted, and needed to adjust myself to Southern California again after the vivid green lushness (is that a word?!) of Taiwan.

Wild Live Oaks at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, San Diego, California. April 2013.
Wild Live Oaks at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, San Diego, California. April 2013. (click to open in my store to buy prints/cards)

It was easy to pick this image from Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve (often just called “PQ”, though that may also refer to the suburban area of Rancho Penasquitos) – first, because I really like the place and go there for walks with Toni quite often; second, because I had never seen it in Spring before (I only discovered it in Summer 2012); and third and lastly, because I’ve walked past this stand of Coast Live Oaks quite often and never could really “get it right” in a photo. :)

For what it’s worth, I do have tighter crops of this that I like very much too (more of an extraction, focusing on the direction, rhythm, movement and chaos of the trees and branches), but since the area is SO amazing in Spring with the explosion of green, I really wanted to include the grass in the foreground, to document this burst of fresh new life.

Other noteworthy photographic output from April: “Dreams of Santa Ysabel” from another one of my favorite places, and the “Wind Caves” close-ups/abstracts from the high desert, at Valley of the Moon.

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  1. I swear I made a comment on this already, but maybe I didn’t hit save. I really like how the green in the foreground and the wispy, mossy, twiginess in the background makes the oaks pop. When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it looked a bit like a HDR, but in a good way.

    1. You did, Jeff. On the image page. This is an older post and I used to add a “lightbox view”, which would open the image itself larger in the “slideshow” viewer. It was a bit confusing and I stopped doing that a while ago. :-)

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