Windansea Morning

Here are the “other photos” from the morning at Windansea Beach – I already mentioned them when I posted “Take Me To The Sea“. Just like in 2015, I’m trying to keep my processing backlog small at the beginning of the year. This will prove futile in a couple of months of course, but at least I try! :-) Interestingly, the three frames below are all vertical – I guess I have a preference for using the wide angle lens vertically, and here’s why:

With a vertical setup, it’s easier to include “interesting things” in the frame because it allows me to keep the camera higher up, and still get a lot of the immediate foreground. A horizontal setup on the other hand means getting down lower – which makes for photos that look more interesting simply because we don’t perceive our surroundings from a frog perspective, but also squashes everything beyond the immediate foreground closer together. And that reduces the depth somewhat.

The best photo is the first one, for me – which also happens to be the very first photo that I made that morning…

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