Windansea Sunset

I met some – so far only virtual – photography friends from Google+ yesterday evening at Windansea Beach, for a meet & greet and some photography. This heavily mangled image is about the only useful result. Some word about post processing below the photo, for those who are interested.

I began processing this photo in black & white and it was “meh”, so at some point I switched back to color – and suddenly there was something to work with. This approach is really interesting, working in black & white helps to focus only on the brightness and tones, and sometimes it seems to make things just right in the color rendition as well.

My editing also made Lightroom 5 completely hang in an endless rendering loop three times in a row – something that never happened to me in Lightroom 4. I had to kill LR with the process manager. Sigh… it seems that for each problem solved (like the wonderful Color Smoothness setting, which was very helpful once more here), Adobe is introducing new ones. They just don’t want us to become too happy! ;-)

To circumvent further hangs I went into Nik Color Efex – originally only to “bounce” the file, ie. have Lightroom render a TIFF for further editing. Which also zeroes out all the sliders in LR of course, allowing for further adjustments (I mean… who doesn’t wish that the Highlights and Shadows sliders would go to +/- 200?!;-). Once in Color Efex, I of course couldn’t resist playing around a little bit, and locally applied the Dynamic Contrast and Detail Extractor filters on the foreground. I’m not quite sure anymore if I also used the Sunlight or Brilliance/Warmth filter to get these nice and warm tones…

And that’s actually my biggest issue with all these plugins (doesn’t matter if it’s Nik or OnOne etc.) and using them with Lightroom: it’s almost impossible to go back and make adjustments later. It’s a road of no return. That’s why I normally prefer to stay in Lightroom and do all my editing there. I often go back to an image one or two days later to see if it still works for me – and most often, I have to make some adjustments then… let’s see how it will turn out with this one when I look at it again tomorrow…

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