Wrapping up June

Another month has passed… so fast! So here’s the monthly summary/update post to wrap it all up. And yes, I’ve fallen behind quite a bit with my image processing, once again, so it’s not really a complete wrap up, who would have guessed that? :-P

They Are Calling You -- Scripps Coastal Preserve, La Jolla, California, United States
They Are Calling You — Scripps Coastal Preserve, La Jolla, CA. May 2015.
New in the Monochrome Seascape portfolio (see below).

But, I collected quite some photos of the medium and large sized chaparral shrubs by now. And I know that I mentioned this before but the more I know about chaparral, the more amazing it becomes. I now have an appreciation for plants that I hiked past a dozen times before and didn’t really notice, let alone appreciate. And I see the devastating effects of too frequent wildfires and invasive species.

In order to catch up with my processing, I’m thinking about making this year’s August a month of photographic sabbatical, where I make no new photos at all, but try to catch up with the existing ones instead. We’ll see how that will evolve, and whether I can “survive” without working the camera for a month!

In other news, I’m giving Pinterest a try… I might not be able to get into “pinning” a lot myself (I’m wasting too much time on social media already anyway), so it is mostly to give people who like my photography an alternative way to follow. Unfortunately, there’s no automatic way to post to Pinterest directly and automatically from WordPress, and I have to remind myself to post to Pinterest manually every time I’m posting images/blog posts. And needless to say, I tend to forget the manual tasks more easily (since pushing new posts to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter is pretty much automated). Bear with me… or subscribe via email, instead. ;-)

Last not least, the wrap-up of new galleries, portfolio and blog archive additions:

New Portfolio Galleries

It’s all about the chaparral this month!

There are some more galleries in the Chaparral Plant Portraits category already, but they’re not really worth mentioning yet – I just added them because I already had the images online.

Portfolio Additions

Blog archive additions

Below is the list of all the blog archive additions, for those of you who are following my posts via email (the announcements do get shared to social media, but not to email subscribers, because I don’t want to flood your inboxes with too many emails).

These are essentially NEW blog posts, with a few existing and many new & previously unpublished images, dated back to match the date when the photos were made.

And that’s it for June, I guess! See you around!

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