“He who regards all things as one is a companion of nature.” (Zhuangzi, 莊子)



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9 thoughts on “Zhuangzi”

  1. Fascinating! Almost looks like a multiple exposure. Reflections are great for that. And Zhuangzi (though they spelled it as Chuang Tzu) was one of the folks we studied in a college Eastern religion/philosophy course that I really enjoyed. In fact, right here at my desk I have a copy of his Basic Writings translated by Burton Watson. It’s here because I’ve been meaning for some time now to reread, and further read, the writings of many of the people we studied. Maybe this will help push me to get started. :-)

    • Thanks, Todd. I openly admit that I haven’t read anything from Master Chuang Tzu (and I wish we would have studied these religions in school, that would have been nice).

      I only have a collection of quotes that I like and occasionally, when I like a photo and don’t know what to do with it, I’m looking at my selection of “unused” quotes and see if I can make a connection to one. :)

  2. And this could have been another multiple exposure. :-) Oops, Todd said that. That’s a great quote, too. Something about the intensity of the color makes me wonder what this would look like in a less saturated version. I do like the look of the wood underwater. I’ve tried a few times to capture underwater wood and reflections on the surface, so far unsuccessfully.

    • So I had to take a look at the saturation setting for the photo of course. :) The small boost that I gave the colors can’t be the reason that you’d find the colors very intensive, so it’s probably the water itself. At the bottom of the frame it’s very shallow, but the further up you go the deeper it gets, and the mineral content does add up then and cause a green-blue tint. Here’s another photo of the same lake: https://www.alex-kunz.com/falkensee-krottensee/serenity-in-green/ and you can see how very green the water is.

  3. At first glance I think, ‘ooh Alex is moving in a new direction!” Then I see it’s from years past but the blending of water, wood, browns, greens, really is that quote. Nicely done.

    • Thank you, Joe. I’m glad to hear that you think I’m still capable of moving into new directions. ;) (also, I didn’t know HOW obvious it would be why I chose to combine the photo & quote, so thank you for making me feel understood.)


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